Entrepreneurial Ⓜ️indset Network

find out why being entrepreneurial is relevant to you and your organisation

Like an entrepreneur you can follow your passion to create social, economic and cultural value. Are you full of ideas and want to change things for the better?

Entrepreneurs create new and improved products. Do you also want to provide value for money and  improve customer service?

Sometimes entrepreneurs get a bad reputations e.g. for putting profit above everything else, exploiting workers or avoiding tax. We do not support these approaches and instead we advocate ethical behaviour at all times.

Today it's all about doing even more with even less.  You need to be able to work in smarter ways and strike the right work/life balance. Your clients and stakeholders are depending on you.

There is a lot of talk about innovation but it's hard to change the status quo. The secret sauce is to unleash the power of your entrepreneurial mindset. We can help you do that and more.

To bring about real change you need to innovate.  You need to work on the things that really matter, seizing opportunities and finding new ways of thinking and working.

Whether you work in a university, hospital or in local government, you and your organisation can benefit from a more entrepreneurial approach, creating value and meeting your customers' needs.

A more business-like approach can help the financial sustainability of your organisation, secure your job and enable you to do the best for students, patients and citizens.