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On this page you can find out about our series of half-day workshops that focus on the benefits of the entrepreneurial mindset for healthcare providers, including hospitals.  We travel to your organisation and deliver the workshops on site. 

entrepreneurial mindset in healthcare

A half-day workshop exploring the entrepreneurial mindset and its relevance to healthcare providers 

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entrepreneurial healthcare leader  

A half-day workshop on the practical application of the entrepreneurial mindset to leadership and change management in healthcare 

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Hospitals have to deal with a range of complex resource issues. These pressures will continue to increase as demand for services grows and governments seeks greater efficiencies.

As pressure grows on staffing budgets, so workload pressures on individual members of staff increase too. Having an entrepreneurial mindset can help you to feel in more control of your workload

The strength of the hospital is the variety of professional disciplines. As work gets reorganised and workflows are adapted, it is crucial that there is good communication and collaboration.

New technology offers many exciting opportunities but we need a better understanding of all the implications of eHealth for patients and healthcare professionals.

 Demographic trends are driving increasing and more complex healthcare requirements in an ageing population.  The challenge will be to deliver cost effective and successful patient outcomes.

Healthcare systems are under enormous pressures.  Successful change will depend on excellent collaboration between hospitals, universities, government, the private and non profit sectors.