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On this page you can find out about our series of half-day workshops that focus on the benefits of the entrepreneurial mindset in local government.  We travel to your organisation and deliver the workshops on site.  

entrepreneurial mindset in local government

a half-day workshop introducing the entrepreneurial mindset and its relevance to local government

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the entrepreneurial local government leader

a half-day workshop on the practical application of the entrepreneurial mindset to leadership and change management in local government

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Demographic trends are presenting many challenges to local government, as populations age, more people retire and demand for services continues to increase.

There are numerous social and economic policy issues at the national, regional and local levels. Local government plays a leading role in shaping the policy debate around issues that matter.

Resources pressures are immense. It can be extremely stressful trying to do even more with even less. The entrepreneurial mindset blends creativity and determination.

Statutory obligations, legislation and regulations can combine to create a bureaucracy that stifles innovation and hinders customer service. New technology is an opportunity and a challenge.

Local government has a powerful role to play in the local economy, supporting small and medium enterprises to launch, survive and thrive. 

Successful change in local government will be helped by the development of an entrepreneurial organisational culture that encourages an entrepreneurial mindset in officials, workers and citizens.