Entrepreneurial Ⓜ️indset Network

On this page you can find out about the support we offer to local government.

We work with local government offices that are aware of the potential benefits of entrepreneurial thinking in addressing the complex challenges they face and in helping them to transform their services to their citizens.

We offer briefings for executive & senior teams, Mindset Essentials workshops,  entrepreneurial health checks, and we support transformational change via consultancy and bespoke workshops.

Mindset Essentials Workshops

We offer two half-day workshops on the entrepreneurial mindset in local government and can develop other bespoke workshops tailored to your development objectives.  All workshops are delivered on site for the benefit of your leaders, managers, councillors, officers and front line staff.

The entrepreneurial mindset in local government

This half-day workshop introduces the entrepreneurial mindset and its practical relevance to the core services of local government .  The workshop is suitable for all staff and can also be tailored to the interests of particular groups.

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The entrepreneurial local government leader

This half-day workshop is for leaders and managers in local government.  The emphasis is on the practical application of the entrepreneurial mindset to the key leadership challenges of delivering and transforming services.

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Briefings for executive and senior teams

These briefings are a highly effective way of introducing senior staff to the concept of the entrepreneurial mindset and sharing evidence that the entrepreneurial mindset can support KPIs in local government.

Entrepreneurial Health Checks

We support the rigorous self-assessment of the current organisational culture, identifying priorities for putting the mindset into practice and exploring options to be included in the route map to the future organisation.

Supporting Transformation

Through consultancy services we help  the development of an entrepreneurial organisational culture that encourages an entrepreneurial mindset in workers, leaders, elected officials and citizens.