Entrepreneurial Ⓜ️indset Network

On this page we provide a clear definition of the entrepreneurial mindset.  Our defintion is distinctive, firstly, because we consider that the mindset is not just a way of thinking but it is also about taking action.  Secondly, we believe in the benefits of the mindset not just for entrepreneurship but also in a wide range of other work contexts and international settings. 

mindset mnemonic

To help you to understand and remember what the mindset is all about, we have developed a useful mnemonic: each letter of the world MINDSET corresponds to 1 essential dimension of the entrepreneurial mindset.  All the dimensions are underpinned by our systematic analysis of the most significant research that has been published, over many years, by distinguished people in a range of relevant academic disciplines.


                                        make smart use of resources

An entrepreneurial mindset can help you to play to your strengths, to make smart use of the available resources and to stay in control of your workload.



An entrepreneurial mindset can help you to stay motivated, to convince other people to play their part and to keep going when things get tough.


                                never compromise

An entrepreneurial mindset can help you to deliver great customer service, to remain ethical at all times and to challenge the status quo.


                         do it yourself

An entrepreneurial mindset can empower you to take personal responsibility, to work on the things that really matter and to make a real difference.


                                            seize opportunities

An entrepreneurial mindset can enable you to spot opportunities, to be creative and to make sure that you don't get trapped in the daily routine.



An entrepreneurial mindset means you don’t have to go it alone, you can engage others, collaborate and grow your network to create shared value.


                                   take a risk

An entrepreneurial mindset can help you to be more confident about taking risks, to learn from experience and to feel secure about the future.