Entrepreneurial Ⓜ️indset Network

On this page you can find out more about our international network. You are welcome to join our international practitioner network, either as an individual or the representative of an organisation.  

Since April 2017, we have worked with participants from 140 organisations based in 30 countries in Australasia, Europe,  the Middle East, North and South America.

You can connect with us (via Twitter, LinkedIn & Livechat).  We share information from the Network via a monthly blog, regular e-zine and annual conference. Contact us by email at info@emindset.network

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You can talk to us via a Livechat 

Paul Coyle, the Founder and Director of the Entrepreneurial Ⓜ️indset network, writes a monthly blog in which he shares his insights and advice about to put things  into practice.

Our e-zine is published regularly and can be viewed online. It features information drawn from the Network including listings and profiles of new members, case studies and interviews.

Our annual conference brings together people and organisations from across the Network to share their challenges and lessons learned.