Entrepreneurial Ⓜ️indset Network

On this page you can find out about the premium level of support that we offer to organisations that have made a strategic commitment to develop an entrepreneurial culture. 

We can help you to set up and run what we call a 'Mindset Hub' so that you can embed innovation within your organisational culture. 

We like it when people tell us we have made them think, empowered them to find solutions and inspired them to take actions that have delivered real change

We will guide you how to run your Hub in an innovative manner and whilst it may challenge the status quo it will always operate in the best interests of the organisation and its stakeholders. 

There is a lot of talk about innovation but it's hard to change the status quo. Making the case for change and finding a way forward can be a lonely business.

We offer a premium level of support for Entrepreneurial Mindset Network Hubs.  Invite us in. We'll come to you, listen, share our expertise, help you to identify the most important changes needed in your organisation and support you to get your Hub off to a flying start. 

We provide support, typically over a 12 month period, for identifying objectives, planning and design, launching the Hub in your organisation, running the Hub, monitoring progress, ensuring targets are met, gathering lessons learned and celebrating achievements.

Stand out from the crowd with your public commitment to innovation. Get recognised and build your reputation for excellence and innovation.

We deliver support by meeting you on-site at your organisation, via telephone, email and Skype, with printed best-practice guidance, through coaching, by gathering lessons learned from your Hub and sharing the experience of other Hubs in our international network.