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On this page: An introduction to the ways in which an entrepreneurial mindset supports change


We promote the use of the entrepreneurial mindset in individual, organisational and societal change. The mindset is more than just a way of thinking; it is fundamentally about being in control and taking action. Take your first step and join us today!


Like an entrepreneur, individuals will find their inner motivation, get creative, learn to take more risks, enjoy a healthy work/life balance, improve their productivity and achieve their life goals. They will be able to play their part in what matters most.


In recent years, there is a growing interest amongst employees and employers in the potential benefits of adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. When aligned with organisational goals, the mindset is seen as empowering people to become more productive, creative and impactful. 


We see organisational development as a smart blend of bottom-up and top-down processes. Our approach is distinctive because we propose that the mindset changes the behavioural norms of individuals, which in turn transforms the organisational culture as a whole. 


In too many organisations, employees have become demotivated and disillusioned. As a result they hold back. They no longer give their best. Imagine what could happen if all their passion, motivation and ideas could be released and harnessed for the good of the organisation and the people that it serves.


Leaders can role model entrepreneurial behaviours. With the correct mindset they can generate high levels of motivation in employees and unleash their untapped potential. Employees can achieve their ambitions to be part of a successful team and transform their organisation.  


Our definition of leadership is distinctive because we assert that any individual can demonstrate leadership. We define leadership as the ability to inspire other people to take action. We see leaders as the people creating a convincing argument for what needs to change. 


The mindset energises individuals and organisations to take an entrepreneurial approach to solving the really big societal problems and for delivering substantial changes that will improve the lives of large numbers of people.