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On this page: an introduction to the six stages of

your entrepreneurial journey


It's a myth that only some people can have an entrepreneurial mindset.  Everyone can go on an entrepreneurial journey.   Each person can develop the strength of their entrepreneurial mindset over time and improve the way in which they think and act in an entrepreneurial manner.


To support you to understand, plan and go on your entrepreneurial journey we have devised a 6 stage model from 1 Wake Up to 6 Shake Up which is shown in the picture at the top of this page. This definition of the entrepreneurial journey in these 6 stages is ©2019 by Entrepreneurial Mindset Network Limited.



The first 3 stages help you to 1) become aware of the benefits of the entrepreneurial mindset, 2) to understand its definition  and 3) to get ready to put it into practice. We synthesise practical knowledge about the 4th Start Up stage from around the world to help you begin to take entrepreneurial actions.  We are working to address the global need for a shared understanding of how to overcome the real challenges of stage 5 Scale Up and of the demands of disruption in stage 6 Shake Up.


A great way to help you on your journey is  for you and your colleagues to participate in one of more of our three Master Classes. 1 The Power of the Entrepreneurial Mindset. 2 Your Entrepreneurial Journey.  3 Entrepreneurial Leadership.  The Master Classes can be delivered online or on-site. You can request further information about content and prices.



You can also invite us to visit you and evaluate your current organisational performance.  We use a broad evaluation framework which incorporates robust analysis whilst also working in harmony with your organisational mission and strategy.  



In 2020 we will be publishing a new book "The Entrepreneurial Journey" which will describe the six stages in detail.  It will be available to purchase online.  Members will receive an exclusive generous discount.