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Our mission is to enable individuals to develop their mindset and make progress on their entrepreneurial journey. Therefore, we are a FREE membership organisation.   You can JOIN today by completing the registration form below.


We provide practical definitions of the mindset and facilitate the sharing of insights via an international network. Only our members can access our online eZine, make use of our MINDSET Tool,  take advantage of our CONNECT service and enjoy generous discounts on the price of our book and online course.

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Membership of our network is growing with members now in 59 countries:

Albania🇦🇱, Algeria🇩🇿, Argentina🇦🇷, Armenia🇦🇲, Australia🇦🇺, Austria🇦🇹, Bahrain🇧🇭, Bangladesh🇧🇩, Belgium🇧🇪, Botswana🇧🇼, Brazil🇧🇷, Canada🇨🇦, Czechia🇨🇿, China🇨🇳, Colombia🇨🇴, Denmark🇩🇰, Egypt🇪🇬, England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Estonia🇪🇪, Finland🇫🇮, France🇫🇷, Germany🇩🇪, Ghana🇬🇭,  Hong Kong🇭🇰, Hungary🇭🇺,  India🇮🇳, Ireland🇮🇪, Israel🇮🇱, Italy🇮🇹, Malaysia🇲🇾, Malta🇲🇹, Morocco🇲🇦, Nepal 🇳🇵, the Netherlands🇳🇱, New Zealand🇳🇿, Nigeria🇳🇬, Northern Ireland🇬🇧, Norway🇳🇴, Oman🇴🇲, Pakistan🇵🇰, the Philippines🇵🇭, Poland🇵🇱, Portugal🇵🇹, Romania🇷🇴, Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, Slovakia🇸🇰, Slovenia🇸🇮, Somaliland, South Africa🇿🇦,  Spain🇪🇸, Sweden🇸🇪, Tanzania🇹🇿, Thailand🇹🇭, Tunisia🇹🇳, Turkey🇹🇷, Ukraine🇺🇦, United Arab Emirates🇦🇪, the USA🇺🇸 and Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Membership Terms

Conditions By joining the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network, you accept the following Membership Terms. 

Membership Lifetime membership is free. You can email us if you wish to cancel your membership at any time.

Confidentiality We use Mailchimp to store the data you submit on the registration form.  

Access is password protected. We do not share your data with any other parties.

Contact  Data Data items 1-6 enable us to keep in contact, to connect on LinkedIn and follow you on Twitter. 

Anonymised Data Data items 7-9 allow us to create lists of our members' countries, cities and sectors.

Website  Our website is powered by GoDaddy. We use a Google Analytics tracking code on our website, which provides us with anonymised data about the use of our website but cannot supply any data about individuals.

e-Zine Our online e-Zine is powered by Flipsnack. We will inform members by email when the next edition is available. Members may submit content to be featured in the e-zine; content may be edited.

Mindset Tool The Tool is powered by SurveyMonkey.  Data is analysed to produce information summarising all the results received, without identifying any individual.  Individual data is only ever shared with the individual concerned.

Payments When an individual or organisation is based in a country that uses the Euro € as its currency then all payments must be made in Euro € . For all other countries, payments must be made in £ Sterling. 

We will notify you if VAT or TVA are payable on any transactions.

Financial Data Purchase Orders and Invoice data will be held in accordance with the financial regulations  in France or the UK.

Updates We aim to use these Terms to clearly describe our services and how you can access them. Therefore, we reserve the right to update these Terms as we continue to refine and improve them.  The Terms incorporate our Privacy Policy so that you can understand how your personal data is used when you access our services. 

 If you have any questions or suggestions for how we can improve please email us at info@emindset.network