Entrepreneurial Mindset Tool: Health Check


Important Information

Our Health Check is a 1:1 confidential online discussion with the Director of the Entrepreneurial Ⓜ️indset Network.  

The conversation is normally held on Skype or via FaceTime. 

The aim of the Health Check is to support your further self-reflection on the understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset and to help you to think about your options for taking action.  

Each session lasts for a maximum of 1 hour.  Appointments can  be booked online and available appointments can be shown in your local time zone.  Payment by credit card must be made at the time of booking.  The price is £69.

You may reschedule an appointment at no charge up to to 3 days before the appointment.

You may cancel at no charge up to 3 days before the appointment. Cancellations within 3 days will receive a refund of 50%.

By engaging in a Health Check discussion you acknowledge that you are solely & fully responsible for any decisions that you take as a result of the discussion.  We do not make recommendations as to any actions that you should or shouldn't take but we will help you to explore all your options.

The questions in the Entrepreneurial Mindset Tool are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission or communicated without an acknowledgment of authorship and copyright.  © 2018 Entrepreneurial Mindset Network.