Entrepreneurial Ⓜ️indset Network

Our aim is to provide support to healthcare leaders, managers and front line staff  so that they can use the Entrepreneurial Mindset to  address the challenges of modern healthcare. On this page you can find out about the range of support that we we offer.  


Our proposition is distinctive because we believe that the Entrepreneurial Mindset is relevant to all of the occupations found in health care providers e.g. hospitals, university hospitals, businesses, startups and non-profit organisations.  


We offer Master Classes and Consultancy Services (including entrepreneurial health checks, bespoke workshops, briefings for executive & senior teams, guest speaking and provision of expert advice.) 


Mindset Master Classes 

We offer two half-day Master Classes on the entrepreneurial mindset in healthcare and can develop bespoke workshops tailored to your development objectives.  All master classes and workshops are delivered on site for the benefit of your leaders, managers, healthcare specialists, professional support teams and front line staff.


1: The benefits and application of the entrepreneurial mindset in healthcare

This half-day Master Class introduces the entrepreneurial mindset and its practical relevance to the core activities of healthcare providers.  The workshop is suitable for all staff and can also be tailored to the interests of particular groups.


2: The power of entrepreneurial leadership in healthcare  

This half-day Master Class is for leaders and managers of healthcare specialists and/or professional support staff.  The emphasis is on the practical application of the entrepreneurial mindset to the key challenges faced by leaders in healthcare.


Briefings for executive and senior teams

These briefings are a highly effective way of introducing senior staff to the concept of the entrepreneurial mindset and to the ways it can improve organisational performance.


Entrepreneurial Health Checks

We provide a wide range of consultancy to help healthcare organisations assess the strengths and weaknesses of their current entrepreneurial performance, to develop plans for greater innovation, to build on lessons learned and celebrate achievements.


Transforming Healthcare

Healthcare systems are under enormous pressures.  Successful change will depend on excellent collaboration between hospitals, universities, government, the private and non profit sectors.