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An overview of services to Higher Education


Our approach is distinctive because we don't think the value of the Entrepreneurial Mindset is confined to just the Business School or the Technology Transfer Office.  We believe the concept is of value to student and academics  from all disciplines, to leaders and managers, and to the many people working in professional support services.


At the course/programme level our offer includes lectures/workshops for students related to their specific disciplines and goals for future employment, self-employment and entrepreneurship.  In addition, we undertake reviews of curricula content, teaching and assessment.  


At the school, department and faculty level our offer includes briefings and Master Classes for academics on the application of the entrepreneurial mindset in teaching, research and third mission activities.  In addition, we undertake reviews of academic disciplines, staffing, facilities, teaching and research.


For the central professional services we offer briefings and Master Classes to introduce the application of the entrepreneurial mindset in service design and delivery.  In addition, we undertake reviews of central services, including TTOs, careers, incubators etc.


For senior staff we offer briefings and Master Classes on entrepreneurial leadership and the pathways toward becoming a more entrepreneurial organisation. In addition, we provide leadership reviews and coaching to individuals and teams.


For the Higher Education Institution as a whole, we undertake reviews of the entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses of the organisation, resulting in detailed feedback and recommendations, and observations on the role of the institution within its local ecosystem.