The Entrepreneurial Individual

Our aim is to help individuals to benefit from adopting entrepreneurial ways of thinking and acting.   Our definition of the entrepreneurial mindset is distinctive because we propose that anybody can benefit from the mindset, not just entrepreneurs. On this page you can discover the support we provide to help you to  think and act like an entrepreneur. 


Our website has lots of information to help you to begin to understand how to think like an entrepreneur. A good place to start is with our explanation of what it means for you to be more entrepreneurial.  


We can help you start to act like an entrepreneur. Our MINDSET mnemonic reminds you of the behaviours that will be of practical use to you in your day-to-day work.


You don’t have to do this alone. We invite you to take out FREE membership of our network and gain access to member-only benefits. Join as a beginner or a practitioner or an expert. 


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You have access to valuable information sourced from our international practitioner network. Find inspiration on our website 24/7, in our weekday tweets, our monthly blog and members-only quarterly e-zine.  

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You can help other people in our network by contributing your case studies and lessons learned e.g. in our quarterly e-zine and annual conference.


NEW Our Mindset Tool enables you to assess your entrepreneurial ways of thinking and acting.

mindset tool

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NEW To enhance your benefits from the Mindset Tool, you can invest in your personal development with a 1:1 online feedback session.  

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