The Entrepreneurial Individual

Our aim is to help individuals to benefit from adopting entrepreneurial ways of thinking and acting.   On this page you can find an introduction to the range of support we provide to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.


Our definition of the entrepreneurial mindset is distinctive because we propose that anybody can benefit from the mindset, not just entrepreneurs. Our members come form all over the world and work in many different work sectors. The entrepreneurial mindset is relevant to you.


We propose six levels to your entrepreneurial journey.  It begins  with a growing awareness and deepening understanding of the entrepreneurial behaviours that you wish to cultivate.  This foundation allows you to progress from novice to expert practitioner.


Level 1: Wake Up

The first level is simply to become more aware of what the entrepreneurial mindset is, the ways in which is it is relevant to you and its potential benefits.  Our website explains why being entrepreneurial is important.


Level 2: Wise Up

The second level is to develop your understanding of the types of desirable behaviours that are considered to be entrepreneurial. Our MINDSET mnemonic gives you an introduction to the entrepreneurial behaviours that will be of practical use to you in your day-to-day work.


Level 3: Warm Up

The third level is to develop a good self-understanding of your current entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses. Our Entrepreneurial Mindset Tool is FREE and will guide you through an analysis of your entrepreneurial behaviours.  It will help you to discover priorities for your personal development


Level 4: Start Up

The fourth level is to begin to apply entrepreneurial behaviours within some aspects of your work. You can explore what works and what doesn’t without having to take significant risks at this stage. Our Health Check can provide you with expert advice and support.


Level 5: Scale Up

The fifth level is to integrate entrepreneurial behaviours into your day-to-day work and to strive for more ambitious outcomes. You should begin to collaborate in entrepreneurial ways with other people within your team, your organisation and beyond.


Level 6: Shake Up

The sixth level is to have fully embraced the entrepreneurial mindset, to be creating significant changes and to be acting as an inspiring  role model for others. We encourage you to share your inspiration and lessons with the other members of our network.