The Entrepreneurial Individual

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Our aim is to help individuals to benefit from adopting entrepreneurial ways of thinking and acting.   On this page you can find an introduction to the range of support we provide to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.


A good place to start is to study our online definitions of the entrepreneurial mindset. A MINDSET mnemonic, based on a systematic analysis of published research and professional practice, is designed to help you understand and remember the essential aspects of the entrepreneurial mindset. 



Study our online descriptions of the six stages of your entrepreneurial journey.  Use them to evaluate how far you have progressed and where you need to aim to get to next. 


Find inspiration in the stories from our international network contained in our monthly blog and quarterly members-only e-Zine. Support other people in the network by sharing your stories in our e-Zine.



Our online Mindset Tool is FREE and will guide you through an analysis of your entrepreneurial behaviours.  It will help you to discover priorities for your personal development. 


Once you have used the Mindset Tool, you can book an online coaching session consisting of a 1:1 online video discussion, which will give you expert advice about how to interpret your results and the key actions that will help you to achieve your goals.