The Entrepreneurial Leader

Our aim is to help people to integrate entrepreneurial ways of thinking and acting into leadership activities. This is relevant to leading entrepreneurial activities, to leading any part of the core business in a more entrepreneurial manner and to empowering other people to become more entrepreneurial. On this page you can discover the support we provide to help you to develop as an entrepreneurial leader.


Leadership for Everyone

Our definition of leadership is distinctive because we assert that any individual can demonstrate leadership - the ability to inspire people to take action. Leadership, therefore, includes, but is not restricted to, those people in organisations who have formal leadership responsibilities.


Leadership that is Entrepreneurial 

Our definition of entrepreneurial leadership goes far beyond traditional definitions of leadership and is highly distinctive because of its emphasis on innovation, risk taking, financial literacy, value creation and taking personal action to meet real needs. 


Develop as a Leader

As a team leader you will want to 1) develop you own entrepreneurial mindset, 2) focus on your entrepreneurial leadership and 3) develop your team so that they think and act in more entrepreneurial ways. We provide support so that you can achieve those 3 aims.


Enhance Your Leadership Behaviours

The key behaviours of entrepreneurial leadership are embedded into our entrepreneurial mindset mnemonic.  The mnemonic can prompt you to consider the behaviours that will enable you to lead in a more entrepreneurial manner.


Mindset Tool & Health Check

NEW Our online Mindset Tool helps you to assess your current entrepreneurial behaviours. If you hold a formal leadership position you can opt to use our Health Check and receive 1:1 feedback , with an emphasis on enhancing your entrepreneurial leadership behaviours.


Empower Your Team

You can support each member of your team to develop their own entrepreneurial mindset. A good place to start is to encourage each person to join the Entrepreneurial Ⓜ️indset Network and take advantage of our free online resources.


Develop Your Team

Invite us to visit you and deliver our team-based half-day Master Class “the benefits and practical application of the entrepreneurial mindset”. Team-based training is cost effective and delivers a high impact. 


Get Team Feedback 

NEW Once each person in a team has used our Mindset Tool, an on-site workshop will provide a team-level analysis of the results and offer expert advice about how the team can improve its future performance