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A summary of services for team leaders


Our definition of leadership is distinctive because we assert that any individual can demonstrate leadership - the ability to inspire people to take action. Leadership, therefore, includes, but is not restricted to, those people in organisations who have formal leadership responsibilities.


Develop as a Leader

As a team leader you will want to 1) develop you own entrepreneurial mindset, 2) focus on your entrepreneurial leadership and 3) develop your team so that they think and act in more entrepreneurial ways. We provide support so that you can achieve those 3 aims.



1 Develop your entrepreneurial mindset

The key behaviours of entrepreneurial leadership are embedded into our entrepreneurial mindset mnemonic.  Use our Mindset Tool to assess how far you are on your entrepreneurial leadership journey.


2 Focus on your entrepreneurial leadership

If you hold a formal leadership position you can use our Mindset Tool and also our CONNECT service, both with an emphasis on enhancing your entrepreneurial leadership behaviours.



3 Develop your team

Improve performance with a team-based workshop with analysis and recommendations arising from their use of the Mindset Tool and support each individual with our CONNECT service.


Master Class

Invite us to visit you and deliver our team-based half-day Master Class “the benefits and practical application of the entrepreneurial mindset”. Team-based training is cost effective and delivers a high impact.