Entrepreneurial Ⓜ️indset Network

Our aim is to help you to adopt the  behaviours associated with the entrepreneurial mindset.  Our definition of the mindset is distinctive because we consider that it is not just a way of thinking - above all it is about taking action.  Therefore, we strive to ensure that the mindset is of practical use in healthcare, higher education and local government. 

mindset mnemonic

To help you to start to become more entrepreneurial we have developed a mnemonic, based on a systematic analysis of published research.  Each letter of the world MINDSET corresponds to 1 essential behaviour of the entrepreneurial mindset that you can learn to integrate into your work.  


                meet a real need

actions associated with this behaviour: -  understand real needs, provide solutions that people value, be ultra responsive to feedback, make a difference in people’s lives, contribute to solving the big societal challenges



actions: - be open to ideas for change, help to create options for change, anticipate and overcome likely obstacles to change, be ambitious to go beyond incremental change, disrupt


                                never compromise

actions: - comply with regulations and  professional standards, act ethically at all times, be decisive, don’t avoid difficult issues, and persevere when the going gets tough 


                                    dare to take a risk

actions: - say what you really think, challenge the status quo, be prepared to put yourself on the line, embrace ambiguity & complexity, and learn from failure


                                            see the big picture

actions: - see things from others' points of view, be a team player, understand your part in your organisation's strategy, engage with the local ecosystem, and anticipate the future of your industry/sector


                                               exercise for productivity

actions: - improve your financial literacy, learn how to make creative use of resources, find how to make smart use of technology, develop robust decision making processes for stopping activities, and repeatedly trial/refine/perfect new ways of working


                                                   take the initiative 

actions: - assume personal responsibility, show a spark of initiative, have a sense of urgency, motivate yourself and others, and become an inspiring  role-model