Entrepreneurial Mindset Tool

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On this page you will find an introduction to our  Mindset Tool.  When you are ready to use the Tool press START.


We are pleased to offer version 2 of the Mindset Tool as of March 2019. The Tool provides a rigorous framework, incorporating detailed definitions of entrepreneurial behaviours. 




At the same time this framework is broad enough to adapt to a variety of work sectors and to respect the different needs of each individual.  


As long as you use the same device to access the Tool, you can return at any time in the future to update your answers.  So you always have access to a live document that can support your ongoing self-reflection and action-planning as you continue to develop your entrepreneurial mindset.



Once you have used the Mindset Tool, you can book a CONNECT session consisting of a 1:1 online video discussion, which will give you expert advice about how to interpret your results and the key actions that will help you to achieve your goals.


The questions in the Entrepreneurial Mindset Tool are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission or communicated without an acknowledgment of authorship and copyright. 

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