The Entrepreneurial Organisation

Our aim is to support organisations to develop a more entrepreneurial culture, enabling them to deliver great service in their day-to-day business and transform themselves ready for the future.  On this page you can discover the support that will help your organisation to develop the right culture.  

Realise Your Full Potential 

Our approach to organsiational development is distinctive because we propose that the Entrepreneurial Mindset supports changes the behavioural norms of individuals, which in turn transforms the organisational culture as a whole.  The emphasis is on changing the organisational culture through creating a can-do attitude for all individuals.

Get An Expert Opinion

The Entrepreneurial Mindset, when well-aligned with the organisation’s goals, can empower workers to be creative, efficient and effective.  Our on-site health checks, with detailed feedback, will evaluate your current organisational performance and help you to identify priorities for future development. 

Get A Briefing

Invite us to visit your organisation and deliver a briefing to your senior staff on "the benefits of the entrepreneurial mindset".

Realise the Benefits

Invite us to visit you and help your staff at all levels of the organisation with a workshop on “the practical application of the entrepreneurial mindset”.

Discover Entrepreneurial Leadership

Invite us to visit you and deliver our workshop for leaders on “the role of entrepreneurial leadership in organisational transformation”.

Become A Member of the Network

Organisational membership of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network is free. 

Enjoy Standard Terms

Our standard terms for our services are available on request and include  exclusive discounts for member organisations.

Get Recognition

Share lessons from your journey towards an entrepreneurial organisational culture in our quarterly e-zine and at our annual conference.