This page describes our free and premium services.  Free services include memberships and the use of the Mindset Tool.  Premium services include briefings, expert advice, Health Checks, Master Classes and bespoke workshops, all tailored to your specific sector and local context.

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Individual Membership

We provide our members with valuable insights gained from our international practitioner network.  Membership is FREE.

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Mindset Tool 

Our Entrepreneurial Mindset Tool is FREE and will guide you through an analysis of your entrepreneurial behaviours.



Individual Entrepreneurial Health Check

Once you have used the Mindset Tool, you can book a 1:1 online coaching session, which will give you expert advice about how to interpret your results and the key actions that will help you to achieve your goals.


Team Entrepreneurial  Health Check

Once each person in a team has used our Mindset Tool, an on-site workshop will provide a team-level analysis of the results and offer expert advice about how the team can improve its future performance.



Organisation Entrepreneurial Health Check

Our on-site organisational health check, will evaluate your current organisational performance.  Detailed feedback and expert advice will help your organisation to identify priority actions for future success.


Mindset Essentials Master Class

Invite us to visit you and deliver our half-day Master Class “the benefits and practical application of the entrepreneurial mindset”.  Participants will explore practical steps towards applying an entrepreneurial approach on a day-to-day basis and in their future career.


Entrepreneurial Leadership Master Class

Invite us to visit you and deliver our half-day Master Class “the power of entrepreneurial leadership”.  Participants will learn practical steps to taking a more entrepreneurial approach within their own leadership roles. 


The Entrepreneurial Organisation Master Class

Invite us to visit you and deliver our half-day Master Class “unlocking the power of the entrepreneurial organisation”.  Participants will understand the strategic path towards their organisation becoming more entrepreneurial.